The Last Post

With Day 366 fast approaching, I'd like to draw a proper line under this blog before I 'move on' to my new blog.

To help me do this, I would like to invite the lovely people who take the time to read my ramblings to ask me questions about the last year.  Maybe you want to know my favourite or least favourite recipe?  Or if my hubby is really as fussy as he appears to be in my blog?  Or have I given away so much about myself that there's nothing left for me to tell?

I will endeavour to answer them all (I'll probably only get one or two anyway) provided that they're not too personal!!

Please feel free to write your questions below then when I've posted the last recipe post, I'll do a final post where I'll publish the question(s!) and my responses.

Thanks again for reading x


  1. I want to know how the heck you managed to fit everything in! What with work, looking after your little 'un, cooking dinners to cater for varying tastes (and yes I would like to know if your OH really is THAT fussy), and writing a daily blog, you really must be superwoman. Congratulations for making it to the end and can't wait to see what you have in store for your new blog :-)

  2. I too would love to know how you fit it all into a day! Your hours must be elastic or something - I never get that much done. Do you think this has broadened your culinary horizons? Would you recommend someone else do it or was it just not worth the hassle? I'd like to know where/how you met your OH (and yes, if he is as fussy as you say - I'm a bit like that!) Can't wait for your new blog - wondering what it'll all be about!


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