Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Simon Rimmer's Turkish Poached Eggs

Yes, okay, I can't leave the Olympic Food Challenge thing alone.  I'm now impatiently sitting on my thumbs in anticipation of Ewan Mitchell releasing the remaining OFC countries to the hungry masses for the Paralympic Food Challenge.  In the meantime, with a course (requiring nightly homework of 2+ hours) and two exams to complete I'm still doing the quick breakfast, quick blog thing.

The recipe is again courtesy of some weekend Googling as the scant offering of breakfast recipes in my collection of cookbooks only yielded things that are a) ridiculously high in calories (sausage, bacon and egg muffin anyone?) or b) time consuming (skinny blueberry, apple and muesli muffin anyone?)

Watery spinach and nary a breadcrumb in sight
Poached eggs are my favourite ever breakfast.  With a pile of maple cured bacon on the side.  No sausages (unless you absolutely insist).  Just some crisp buttered sourdough toast underneath.  So this breakfast was a slight departure for me having to pour a garlic yogurt sauce over the top and with spinach underneath (my own addition to the recipe).

Only point of note on the food styling front is that it's essential to double dry your spinach.  In between drying mine and getting the eggs on the top, the spinach had managed to leak its residual moisture all over the plate.

It was an interesting recipe.  I might do it again if I was cooking breakfast for someone else.  Like my friend who's an utterly committed vegetarian unless someone would like to cook bacon and eggs for her.  Whilst I sit there and eat my own bacon and eggs.  Mean?  Me.  Absolutely :)

You can find the recipe here.

One more thing on the C4 food stylist's work.  Wondering why on earth they've sprinkled those lurid orange scotch-egg breadcrumbs over the top of theirs....??

And yes, here's the Turkish flag.  I couldn't resist.

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