Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olympic Food Challenge - Funche - Puerto Rico

It's polenta - not shortbread
Really quick blog post today.  Bridestock has finally dawned and in just a few hours, the lovely @BridestockBride will be hitched to the lovely David.  Far more important things to do today than labour over a blog post.  Very sorry Puerto Rico.  No disrespect to your lovely country.  I did quite like your breakfast.

Funche is simply sweetened polenta.  Cooked with a combination of water, milk and sugar and then either eaten soft, like porridge or left to set and cut into wedges.  I went for the set wedge option and served with some fruit you'd find in Puerto Rico, and some you most likely won't - unless they're expensive imports.  See if you can guess which is which from the picture.

Just a bronze medal for this recipe as I'm still not swayed by polenta.  However, I have finally gotten to the end of the bag I bought some months ago thanks to the Italian Cornbread, Cheesy Polenta with Mushrooms and the more recent Pap and Chakkalaka recipes.  It's been an experience.  Not sure if I'll be repeating it any time soon.

Here's a link to the recipe.  Will try and expand on this another night.

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