Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thai Salmon Fishcakes

If I want a birthday or Christmas present from the husband, it has to be something that you can buy on the internet.  Even better if it comes from Amazon because he can get it on Super Saver Delivery and it doesn’t cost him anything.  This is because he doesn’t like having to talk to people.  It’s the exact reason why if he wants a takeaway when I’m away for the weekend, he’ll phone me and get me to phone the takeaway of choice.  I am so grateful that you can order from Dominos online so every once in a while he manages to feed himself without any input from me.

So last year, I asked for a copy of the Domestic Sluts handbook , which he actually went and bought from Waterstones(!) – probably because he only remembered the day before my birthday that he’d not bought anything and there’s no overnight delivery when your birthday is December 21st.  I came across their website/blog through Twitter when they tweeted about something or another.  It makes great reading, however, it’s become increasingly clear that there is still a wide (financial) chasm between being a Domestic Slut and a Slummy Mummy (which is what I am).  I do honestly mean to get round to reading the book one day, but with so many recipes to thumb through and my own blog to write, it’s still sat on the shelf having only been flicked through.  Like most good websites, I’m more likely to read the online offering than the hard copy version these days – a sad reflection of having a jam-packed life.

As it contains recipes, it is in amongst the cook books, but they’re all very ‘social’ recipes and as I’ve not done any socialising since long before Miss A arrived, it hasn’t warranted use.  I hope it will one day.  But in keeping up with their tweets, tonight’s recipe is courtesy of the Sluts website – Thai Fishcakes.

I’ve mentioned before that my inability to know how to make a chilli dipping sauce was one of the catalysts for starting this challenge.  Thai fishcakes are something I’ve wanted to make to force me to learn how to make the dipping sauce.  I ended up cheating and using shop-bought sauce because I didn’t have enough chillis to hand.

As the website says, the recipe is embarrassingly easy (and they don’t get you to make your own dipping sauce, so no guilt there from me).  I will say that before cooking, the mixture looks disturbingly like the innards of sausages that are made from ‘reclaimed meat’ with a few fancy herbs and spices mixed in.  But once cooked, they look far more pleasing.  Served with a sweet chilli sauce, a squeeze of lime and some healthy brown rice (that didn’t make it into the picture), it makes for a really pleasant – if sluttishly expensive – meal.

Will I make again?  Possibly although I preferred Lorraine Pascale’s salmon and sweet potato fishcakes.  But if I ever get round to making my own chilli dipping sauce then at least I know what to road test it with.

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