Thursday, 8 March 2012

'Green Parcel Pie'

Most parents know the delights of a craftily snatched cuppa whilst the children watch five minutes of CBeebies.  As much as I dislike my daughter watching telly, I know that I can brush her hair during Mr Tumble or Justin's house and grab a cuppa during I Can Cook With You (ICCWY).

As it's National Pie Week, I decided to try to succumb to Abigail's demand to cook when I got in from work, give in to her adoration of Katy from ICCWY and let her make her own tea this evening.  We've seen the 'Green Parcel Pie' episode more times than I care to remember (thanks Sky+) and she always says 'Yummy for Abi' when the finished product is revealed so I figured this would be a good time to give it a go.

 I'd bought a courgette for this a few days ago and whilst I was hunting for something in the fridge, little fingers lifted it off of the counter, snapped it in half (thanks for teaching her this Katy!) and put one half in a mixing bowl, inside her new pram and walked it round the house for half an hour.  I also had to battle with her trying to 'pop a pepper' with my bag of capsicums whilst we did the shopping last Friday.

Her mixing and egg cracking skills are second to none for a 23-month-old.  I'm sure there are many adults who can't do this as well as she does.  Who says telly can't be educational?

Get ready for an egg-splosion
No shell in the bowl :)

Mix, mix, mix

Filling the pie

The only sore point was when it needed to go in the oven and she wanted to put it in her pram and take it for a walk again.  The tantrum was only held off by giving her the remaining piece of courgette to baby.  I love her little foibles.

Overall, it's obviously a simple recipe because it's aimed at 4-7 year olds, but it's actually really quite tasty - although I'd probably add salt or use some feta cheese to give it a bit more flavour if I was making it for adults.  The instruction to use three sheets of filo was a little off in my book - maybe it depends on the brand, but three sheets of Jus-Rol were too big in my opinion.  Next time, I'd cut them in half as there was far more pastry than there was filling.  

Finished pie.  Requires less pastry and more filling IMHO
I'd also double or possible treble the amount of filling to make it a more generous dish.  For that, I figure you'd need to cook longer at a slightly lower temperature to ensure the filling cooked without the pastry topping burning.

It would work well as a simple summer dish with a nice green salad and a glass of crisp white wine.  Not that I like wine, but that's what chef-y types say - I'd probably go for a chilled cider myself.

As for Abigail's opinion?  Well she poked it with her fork, ate a couple of mouthfuls and then left the rest, but oddly wouldn't let Mummy try any (I had to sneak into the kitchen for my taste test).  I'm sure we'll get there one day when the fussy toddler phase passes.  Not that I'm wishing her life away, but I'm seriously looking forward to her learning to love food.

Next task is to go through my M&S kids cookery book and see if she can find something in there she likes besides the gingerbread men and give one of those a whirl with her.

You can find the original I Can Cook With You recipe here

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