Friday, 3 February 2012

Seville Orange Sorbet

Inspired by the Weekly Bake Off challenge of Farmhouse Victoria Sponge, replete with marmalade butter cream, when I was doing my weekly shop, I stuck a bag of Seville oranges in my virtual shopping basket.  My intention was to make marmalade, but having done some recipe research, I've now decided to freeze them for another day and give Dan Lepard's 'Dalemain's Three Fruit Marmalade' a go.  This specifically uses regular oranges - one of which is languishing in my fruit bowl - lemons and grapefruit.  All of which I have to hand.

I checked with some of the lovely Tweeple (that's Twitter People to the uninitiated) that I know how best to freeze them.  Apparently, you can either juice, them and chop and store the peel separately or just freeze them whole.  The time-constrained part of my brain has selected that option for the first trial freeze.

Check out all the pips!
But I did feel a bit guilty buying fresh fruit, only to sling it straight into the freezer so on the advice of the packaging 'Use them to make marmalade or sorbet' I duly Googled recipes for Seville Orange Sorbet.

Recipe of choice is currently freezing and being beaten every thirty minutes as I'm not lucky enough to have an ice cream machine.  This is tedious.  It's starting to set and I'm hoping it will be frozen enough to eat before bed, but the fruity syrup tastes beautiful and tart.  Just how I like it.  None of this namby pamby, over-sweetened nonsense.  There is definitely a little cheek tingling going on.  Was hard to resist just popping some in a glass and drinking it instead.

You can find the recipe here along with an amazing picture of the sorbet being served.  I'm so jealous as I have a tea set like that which I bought in Turkey about fifteen years ago (showing my age!).  Except when I left home, I was so afraid of breaking it in transit that nearly fifteen years later, it's still gracing my Grandad's sideboard.  Every time I visit, he reminds me to take it home and every time I leave, I always make an excuse not to do so.  It's like a little game now.  I'm sure he loves to hear what random reason I'm going to come up with this time.  I think he knows it will stay there until I have absolutely no other choice but to take it.  Or I have some amazing sorbet I want to show off.

As a side note to the recipe, with my trusty citrus reamer (which is still one of my favourite 'gadgets') I managed to get away with only needing four and a half oranges to get the required juice.  And I still can't get over how many pips they have.  No wonder people choose not to eat them in Spain.

Will post an update once it's fully frozen!

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