Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sticky Cinnamon Figs

In a mad moment last week, I was leafing through Gordon's Greatest Hits when I happened upon a recipe for baked figs with goats cheese.  It honestly seemed like a good idea at that point in space and time, but several days later when Ocado finally delivered the figs and cheese it was slightly less appealing.  A further several days on and it just didn't float my boat at all.

I couldn't give two figs...
After the disappointment that was Jamie's Clementine Curd from yesterday, and after ripping my brand new skirt on a desk at work (I should so sue!) AND uttering 'Bugger' rather loudly in what I thought was an empty office, but little did I know, the new VP of the site had snuck in to witness my anger I really really wanted to bake something lovely to cheer myself up.

Especially when my day was brightened by the arrival of Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet.  Aside from lots of fab recipes, which I've heard work amazingly well and look like they do in the box, there is also lots of stuff on kitchen science which is exactly what I've been looking for.  Having skimmed the intro to bread, it explains about different flour and liquid types and how to choose the best of both to make the kind of loaf you want to. He will be my bedtime companion for many weeks to come.

Back to the figs.  Suddenly so unappealing and we don't even have the parrots any more so I couldn't give them to them as a treat.  Most of my other recipe books use the figs in tarts and I just wasn't up for a long-winded recipe tonight (unless it involved lots of chocolate!) so I turned to the good old BBC Good Food recipe and found this one for Sticky Cinnamon Figs.

I enjoyed it a lot given that I don't like honey (it reminds me of being poorly) or cinnamon (it makes me sneeze).  It had a lovely Mediterranean flavour to it and was so simple to make and so pretty.  The picture doesn't do it justice and I wish I'd had the gorgeous green pistachios like the recipe picture rather than having to make do with almonds.  That said, I'm sure the picture had the benefit of photoshop before it was published.  I can't be bothered with that right now (okay I'm rubbish at photoshop - that's the husband's domain).

Anyway, it's a lovely little dessert and would be great at the end of a big fat Moroccan, Greek or Turkish inspired meal instead of the tooth-rotting baklava that is usually standard fayre.

Now what to do with the other two figs??

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