Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Quick Bean and Chorizo Chilli

The Crowdey household is currently drowning in snot.  No, honestly, it's really that bad.  The toddler has toddler-flu, the husband has man-flu and I have a cold with an impending bought of sinusitus.

We're surviving on Strepsils (other throat medication is available) and unbranded painkillers and copious amounts of honey, lemon and pepperment tea.  As an aside, that was recommended to me by the little Peruvian guy who used to make me lovely toasted Fiorentina sandwiches when I worked in Exmouth Market.  Sounds like weird flavours but it tastes good and does actually stop me from losing my voice - something that's paramount when you have a toddler.

Anyhow, the last thing I felt like doing today was cooking.  Having had two sleepless nights due to my poorly girl and being riddled with lurgies myself, I struggled to know what to cook.  And my fridge, like old Mother Hubbard's cupboard is pretty bare.

Quick, warming and pretty healthy!
At the moment, the office I work in is colder than a snowman's proverbials and I'm spending far too much at the Costa bar on Creme Brulee lattes to ward off the cold (other coffee chains are available - just not at Super Spy HQ).  So I figured I could make a storecupboard recipe for tea tonight and use it for tomorrows lunch.  Red things are always warming so the Quick bean and chorizo chilli that's been lurking in my BBC Good Food binder for aeons was perfect.

It's a bit cheaty in that it uses a jar of ready made sauce, but it's supposed to be quick so I can forgive them for that.  In reality, I don't have cheaty jars of ready made sauce so I fried some onions, cumin and garlic and then added half a jar of passata.  Worked out well.  Filling, warming and pretty healthy too if you discount the huge bit of baguette on the side and the rather large dollop of creme fraiche - it is half fat though.

Speedy but nothing special.  Would make it again as it's the kind of thing I always have the ingredients for somewhere about the house.

Fingers x'd for a better night's sleep for all tonight!

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