Friday, 11 November 2011

Spanish Rice and Chicken One Pot

This should've been Spanish Rice and Prawn One Pot from my favourite website - - but thanks to Ocado not bringing my prawns, I ended up using chicken instead.

It even has a few green bits in it!
Internet shopping is supposed to be easy but anyone who's used it more than once will have tales of things missing, ridiculous substitutions (a jar of capers instead of shelled pistachios??), surly drivers (that's one thing Ocado do have in plentiful stock - lovely drivers), and shopping just not being delivered full stop due to 'operational issues' (several times Ocado - sort it out).

But my alternative after a long working week is battling round Sainsburys with a fractious toddler is quite unappealing so week after week, I accept my internet shopping then head off to Tescos on a Sunday to buy all the stuff that I couldn't get or was too expensive.

Anyhow, although I was disappointed by the lack of prawns, at least I won't have the dilemma of what to do with the rest of them.  Chicken was an okay alternative and I think on a good day, the husband might even eat this dish.

Like many of the commenters though, it lacked seasoning so I used some Knorr liquid chicken stock and a touch of smoked paprika and the dish was transformed.  Definitely a keeper and will look forward to making it with prawns one day.

Next on the Spanish list of things to master (after Churros - but not sure if they're Spanish or Me-hi-can) is Paella or Pie-ay-ya if you prefer.

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