Saturday, 19 November 2011

Salt and Pepper Chicken

Following on from my homemade takeaway last night, I decided to have a go at salt and pepper chicken tonight.  Although I still have some prawns left, I figured that if the husband so much as saw a prawn anywhere near the dinner, he wouldn't try it.  Didn't matter in the end as he took the fajita option.  When will I ever stop cooking two different dinners?

Stodgy - but not as stodgy as takeaway...
Anyway, I've been wanting to try this one out for a while - whether chicken or prawn. The recipe is a Rachel Allen for Good Food one.  I don't think I'd waste prawns trying it out as I just couldn't figure the batter out.  Firstly it was so thin, it didn't adhere to the chicken.  But the merest addition of a half-teaspoonful more cornflour and it turned into a thick, claggy paste.

As for salt and pepper.  Well it was really quite tasteless - only saved by the flavour from the 'sauce' although next time I'd double the quantities of the sauce ingredients as it was both stodgy and dry.

I did try thinning the batter back down again on the second batch of chicken and it was better - but still not what I expected.  More research needed.

In it's defence though, it wasn't greasy like you'd get from the takeaway and the chicken inside was beautifully soft.

I can't find the recipe online - it was from the November edition of the magazine so will post it later.  But I wouldn't recommend it anyway.  Fingers x'd something better happens my way soon!

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