Friday, 25 November 2011

Breakfast Burrito

I'm not normally one for a huge breakfast.  I fluctuate between porridge or toast and for work I now take Bircher muesli or my homemade granola and yogurt.

Back in the day, we always used to have a big fat cooked breakfast on a Sunday morning - my favourite being the fried bread.  Oh how I long for those days.  But it's no wonder why I have a larger than average family.

This morning, however, we had an electrician coming to fix the plug socket for our fridge freezer.  The fridge freezer is a recent purchase and although not capacious by American standards, for us, it is bigger than the last one.

This means that even though it has lots of food in it, it often looks empty.  So I've started hoarding jars of things.  And losing things at the back of the fridge for all eternity.  Having to empty it this morning, I turned up two 9 packs of eggs I bought for extra baking last weekend that I never did, a half eaten tin of refried beans and more chorizo than it is sensible to have in a house where only one person eats it.


Today also involves decamping to stay with the Mothership for a couple of nights after I finish work at midday.  This always raises my blood pressure - not least with all the complexity of getting out of the door in the first place.  I have to pack enough clothes just in case the child has multiple accidents - she hasn't yet touch plastic-covered MDF, but I just know if I pack light disaster will ensue.  Then there's all her attendant paraphernalia.  The lullaby light show.  Baby monitor.  Her pillow.  A selection of stuffed animals.  Her drawing stuff.  Her breakfast cereal as she will not eat cornflakes and that is all my mother will ever buy.  Her milk because she has special Lactose free milk.  Enough snacks to last until doomsday to avoid afternoon melt-down in case we drop in on friends before arriving at mothers.  And a million other things that I race around the house stuffing into carrier bags at the last minute.

Look...there are healthy green bits.
I know all my mummy friends are nodding in sympathy at this.  It's something the childless just-don't-get.

Anyhow this means that I'll miss lunch and as I'm out with the girls tonight (hurrah!) I won't eat until late. So a big breakfast was the order of the day.

And very satisfying it was too.  It's the kind of thing I'd expect to get if I ever went to Me-hi-co but in reality it's probably the thing served in McDonalds on CopaCabana beach and no self-respecting Mexican would ever go near it.

Also not something to eat if you're on a lose-weight diet like what I should be doing.

Check out the recipe here

I added some chives to the eggs and used the half tin of refried beans - I buy the little tins from Discovery as they're nice and spicy and don't look like cat food like the Old El Paso ones do.

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