Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nutella and Banana French Toast

Bridestock Bride, look away now!  In fact, don't read my blog at all today.  I'm suffering from a mother's guilt today so I don't want to also feel really bad for you breaking the engagement photos diet.

The plan for later today was to make Mojito cupcakes, but I have a poorly bubba on my hands and wanted to make her something for breakfast that she might eat as she's not eaten anything other than grapes for the past couple of days.

What could be more tempting to a toddler than chocolate, bananas and strawberries?  And with some wholemeal bread and eggs cunningly disguised as French toast, we are on to a winner.  Well except that she will need another bath when she's finished.

And a small note to any other mummys trying this - make sure you're not wearing a white top when your toddler eats this!

The recipe is courtesy of

It reminds me of another favourite recipe of mine - Elvis' Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich from the much-thumbed but rarely used Nigella Bites.  In fact, although I've salivated over the book on many occasion, this is the only recipe I've ever tried (so another book that needs to be used this year!)  I've only ever made this sandwich once, but it tasted like Manna from heaven after a week of sobbing into my pillow and not eating after I split up from my first long term boyfriend. I still can't believe that I was *that* upset that I didn't eat for a week, but it was worth it to eat this sandwich.  Apparently the recipe is a cut-down version of what The King consumed.  Much respect to him for managing more than the recipe - I think I only got through about half of it!

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