Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Chorizo and Butter Bean Stew

I'm supposed to be clearing out our fridge freezer in anticipation of our new one arriving on Friday, along with a new cooker as well. I'm just a little bit excited about the whole thing and am looking forward to having a grill, numbers on the oven dial that I can read, an oven light, a fridge with a light, door holders that haven't cracked, freezer drawers that haven't cracked... The list is endless.

The lovely Laura's stylish lookingstew
I've done a pretty good job of feeding the husband and child from the freezer and chucking out loads of stuff I've batch-cooked and they've turned their noses up at and the remains have been languishing in the freezer for too many months. But the fridge is still rather well-stocked.

So tonight, having cooked pasta for the fussy ones, I decided to treat myself to Chorizo and Butter Bean stew to use up some left over chorizo and yet another one of those fifteen million onions that just seem to be breeding in my fruit bowl.

I've pinched the recipe from my lovely cousin Laura aka the Bridestock Bride (check out her blog, she's having the wedding of the year in 2012 and I'm lucky enough to have an invite!!) and I must say it's rather good. Her intended made it for her the first time he cooked for her. Lucky girl!

I was a little worried that being red and spicy that the weather wasn't cold enough for such a filling, warming dish, but it was lovely and light and so very tasty, I had to stop myself from scoffing the second portion - which has been earmarked for my lunch tomorrow. In fact it was a-mazing. Just frying the Chorizo slowly conjured up warm, sunny Spanish streets instead of a dreary October in Chippenham. I accompanied mine with some couscous as I'm carb-loading for a run in the morning. Honest, I am.

It may not look pretty, but it tasted divine!
And in the spirit of pinching, I've also 'borrowed' Laura's fab Instagram of her finished dish as it' looks so much more appealing than mine - that'll teach me to go Android. Hers is the lovely, rustic looking picture at the top. Mine is the rather lame attempt at the bottom - however it's not just about how it looks, taste counts too!

Bring on the end of my contract (only another fifteen months to go) and a nice, shiny iPhone 5 for moi.

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