Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Today's recipe was scuppered by a burst water main on the one way system, meaning I couldn't get to the supermarket for fresh veggies for Thai chicken noodle soup. Apparently the whole of Chippenham is at a standstill.  I am just grateful that I was able to slob around working from home today!

Contents of the fridge are rapidly dwindling.  So out came the filo again.  A small piece of feta.  And hey presto, we have borek.

I absolutely adore these little gems.  I fell in love with them on holiday in Turkey when I was nursing my first teenage broken heart.  We were upgraded to a four star hotel where all the other tourists complained that there were no full English breakfasts and decamped to the local McDonalds, leaving my mum and I to indulge in traditional Turkish fayre at our leisure.

I've never tried making them until now and am amazed at the simplicity.  Will definitely be making again.  A similar recipe I have to try during this year was given to me by a good Serbian friend.  It's a similar dish which he calls Cheese Pie and uses a mix of cottage and feta cheese and baked into squares rather than little cigarette rolls.  I've eaten his offerings many times, but never got round to using the recipe myself.  So watch this space.

The recipe today was courtesy of the Good Food Channel and can be found here 

I only made a quarter of the recipe otherwise I'd've eaten the whole lot!

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