Monday, 3 October 2011

Bircher Museli

Thankfully, I rarely travel with my job these days.  In fact, this is the first trip outside of Bristol in three years.  To Tamworth.  Rock and Roll!

Of course, it's made me have to do some strategic thinking about what new recipe to try today.  I am sure that by the time I get home, I won't be in the mood for cooking, let alone cooking for someone who doesn't like change.  So I figured that breakfast was the way to go.

Like my picnic fantasies, I often dream of lazy breakfasts, of eggs benedicts and baskets of freshly baked pastries, in bed.  But even pre-toddler, the closest I got to that was a couple of croissants and some jam on my birthday and I even had to go and buy those myself.

My normal breakfast is porridge in winfrey and today with peanut butter in summer - a runner's breakfast. And not very exotic.  So today's recipe is Gordon Ramsay's Bircher Museli, taken from Gordon Ramsay's Greatest Hits.  It serves 4. Not bad for cold porridge :-)

200g rolled oats
400ml semi skimmed milk
1 apple, coarsely grated
4tsp honey or maple syrup
fresh berries
handful chopped nuts

Place oats in a bowl and cover with milk.  Refrigerate overnight.

Stir the yogurt, honey and grated apple into the mixture, adding a little more milk if it's too stiff.

Top with the nuts and berries.

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