Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Guac 'n roll

Hubby and I are a bit like Jack and Mrs Spratt.  He doesn't much care for food.  I do.  He eats to live, I live to eat.

I guess that's why my cooking prowess hasn't evolved nearly as much as if I was married to a foodie.  Although in his defence, my waistline is far smaller than it would be if he loved food half as much as I do.

It's really disheartening when you spend a whole day slaving over something special only for the person eating your lovingly crafted meal to say "It's okay, but I much prefer the one you buy from the supermarket"  I just hope that should I find myself before a judge one day that the jury will be comprised of foodies who will understand why I felt the need to smother him with a tray full of soft, scotch burger rolls because they weren't as nice as Tesco value ones.  Thankfully, most other people are extremely complimentary (to my face!) about my cooking.

So tonight's menu was burgers and chips.  Of course, I buy the best burgers I can.  Previous attempts to make them have received a lukewarm reception and I will hold my hand up and say in this instance that they were lacking something.  One of my quests this year is to find the ultimate home-made burger recipe that tastes better than ones from the supermarket.  I couldn't be bothered to spend the day slavishly attempting a different soft roll recipe, especially as I OD'd on the carbs yesterday and this morning with the monkey bread.

Instead, I treated myself to a bowl of gloriously green guacamole.  Yet another thing that the husband wouldn't eat along with burgers that have the slightest hint of pink in the middle.  I swear I could serve him lumps of charcoal and he wouldn't mind eating them so long as they weren't pink inside.

Having never made it at home, I thought that now was my chance so I perused the lovely Thomasina Miers' Mexican Cooking Made Easy (no I'm not getting paid for endorsements!) and found a recipe that was simplicity in itself.

Top marks.  Would probably eat it every day with a bowl of toasted tortilla triangles.  Never again will I cheat and buy a packet of guacamole spice mix and certainly never buy pre-made stuff - which I find is more akin to a face pack than food.

Conveniently the recipe was also published by the Times which saves me typing it all in. 

Again, no picture because a) it was just a bowl of green mush and b) that bloody phone battery died at about 3pm again.  Grrr!!

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