Thursday, 29 September 2011

Onion Bhajis (or not!)

Day four and disaster number one.  At this rate I am due to have 91.25 disasters over the course of this challenging.  Now there's a heartening thought.  Not!

I'm not having a good week.  Make that I'm not having a good month.  Roll on October.  But without whining on too much, last week I stupidly managed to order two huge bags of onions from Ocado.  Or maybe Miss A did it when she was playing with Talking Ben on my phone?  Whatever.  I'm now inundated with onions.

My first plan to make lots of lovely French onion soup with cheese croutes has been slightly scuppered by the appearance of the Indian summer.  It's just too hot for soup and cold soup is just so wrong.

Next option - make onion bahjees.  Something I've never attempted before so a great idea for the recipe challenge.

Now this is where I should have just stopped.  At the thinking stage.  But no, I Googled for recipes and found several on  Did I heed the warning bells at this point?  No.

What is it that people say about Chinese restaurants (or Indian or French or any other national restauarant)? If there are no Chinese (or Indian or French or yadda yadda) eating in the restaurant then don't go in no matter how good it looks.

This transpires to a lot of recipes.  If they're not written by someone who is from said country or who has at least visited said country, then steer well clear.

I ended up with 'curried onion half moons in a pile'  Not even curried onion rings.  Never trust a recipe that says it's good and simple.

Lesson learnt.   No tea for me tonight. Tomorrow, I shall mostly be baking onion bread.

If you want to try and prove the recipe works though, you can find it here

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